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Testing services in Granada

Vehicle support and testing services in Spain

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Workplace renting services

At Ibérica 365 Solutions, we offer workplaces for OEMs and companies dedicated to vehicle testing in Granada. These workplaces are equipped with air-conditioned offices, high-speed Internet connection, high-power outlets, 3.5T and 5T lifts, compressed air, and everything necessary to ensure your heat project in Granada is “Perfect.”

Available for daily, weekly, or long-term rental. Contact us for your test requirements, and we will provide expert advice.

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Test vehicles driving services

We offer companies in need of driving services for test vehicles a wide range of experienced professionals behind the wheel, along with their respective certifications and driving courses endorsed by the top driving schools in Spain and other training entities in the sector that offer courses for vehicle testing in various types of trials. We hold Level C1 IDIADA certifications, as well as driving courses issued by schools like RACE, ADAC, etc.

We provide the necessary resources for local projects in Granada throughout the year, as well as for any national and international projects. Propose your test to us, and we will offer you the most suitable solution for your driving needs.

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Logistics and transportation of test vehicles

Our comprehensive support service for vehicle trials in Granada includes the transportation of vehicles as well as the necessary materials for conducting the tests. The transportation service can be individual or combined, and open or closed for the total privacy and security of the vehicles.

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Private surveillance at parking location 24 hours a day

Whether at our facilities in Granada or at any other point in the city, whether in public or private parking lots, our priority is your peace of mind. At Ibérica 365, we ensure that vehicles are monitored by a professional team, both day and night.

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Electric vehicle solutions in Granada

We adapt to our clients’ needs by managing and supplying generators for the production of necessary electricity for electric autonomy vehicle tests in Granada. Additionally, we provide recharge cards for each vehicle, allowing for monitoring and remote management of electric recharges and costs.

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24-hour roadside assistance service

At Ibérica 365, we understand that setbacks and breakdowns happen when you least expect them. That’s why we manage towing services with multiple 24-hour roadside assistance companies to provide peace of mind for your test.

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Specialized car mechanics for quick customization

Our mechanic service is available to perform the tasks our clients demand, whether at our facilities or at the location of their choice.

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Management of accommodation and transfers for human resources

Comfort comes first, both for the vehicles and for all the personnel involved in a project in our city. To achieve this, we have agreements with hotels near our facilities in La Zubia, as well as hotels in other parts of the city, to offer you the utmost comfort in both accommodation and transportation of personnel from destination airports (AGP or GRX) to the workplace. We handle both individual and group transportation.

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Processing of red plates for unregistered vehicles

We take care of managing and processing red plates for vehicles that are not yet registered, as well as insurance and other necessary documents, so that companies can conduct their tests with the utmost safety and compliance with Spanish laws guaranteed.

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Cargo trailers for vehicles in weight towing tests

For tests requiring towing of any kind of load, at Ibérica 365, we also provide our clients with trailers ranging from 750kg to 3,500 kg, aiming to ensure accurate efficiency results.

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Tire replacement and wheel alignment service

We arrange this service with several specialized workshops in wheel alignment, both front and rear, and issue the alignment certificate with the required dimensions.

We also offer tire replacement for vehicles regardless of brand and size. We work to ensure your safety is your peace of mind.

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High-speed internet at our facilities in Granada

Our facilities in La Zubia, Gójar, and Ogíjares are equipped with high-speed internet connection, allowing engineers visiting Granada to carry out their work with speeds of up to 1Gb both through LAN and Wi-Fi.

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Hydrocarbon management

We handle hydrocarbon management, including processing fiscal and customs documents by CAE-certified companies in Hydrocarbons, logistics, storage, and management of contaminating waste, fuel residues, as well as their packaging and containers. All under the supervision and management of certified companies in the field of toxic and contaminant waste management.

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